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Our Beach

Our Beach Resort

Tarzan private beach, known for its quietness and serenity, is one of the finest beach located at Ilashe / Ibeshe within Lagos metropolis.The beach is a place for your quiet relaxation, especially after your long hours of hectic work during the week.

To gain access to the beach, board Tarzan boat from Tarzan's Jetty, Maroko. Thereafter you will be ferried to and from the beach as required.

The beach is housed with a bar service and a guest house to cater for all your needs as-well-as reservation.

Hawking around the beach is extremely prohibited to ensure your peaceful / quiet relaxation and comfort.

The beach is condusive for your water sports; such as water skiing, jet skiing, body and wave surfing and other beach games.

Also, security team are on patrol to ensure protection of your property and safety at all times.

We offer inhouse life guard to monitor those in the sea to gaurantee safety at all times.

Individuals, families and corporate organisations use Tarzan's private beach for weekend relaxation, birthday parties, corporate meetings, social gatherings, end of year parties and lots more. Contact us today and have a resounding experience of this beautiful resort around you.


Enjoy our wonderful hospitality and serenity......


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